On Grid Solar Systems

On Grid Solar Power Generation


Net metering (On Grid solution) has become the most popular renewable energy application in the world for the last couple of decades owning to its sustainability, cost effectiveness, and reliability.
Guaranteed to benefit of total bill saving attached thousands of electricity consumers for this clean energy application in the world within the last few years.
Simplicity, minimal maintenance needed, avoidance of battery usage and decades long warranty facilities are just some of the unique features of solar net metering to emerge as the most reliable and viable energy solution.

Solar Panels

We have always been committed to the development of solar cell modules and solar application products.


  • We select high-quality solar cells made of advanced technology packages
  • Using a high transmittance tempered glass, EVA and anti-UV backing material
  • One component performance testing on multiple stations, to ensure product performance.
  • PV module frame with anodized aluminum to improve corrosion capacity, ensure that the components ca


  • Grid, off-grid and residential roofs
  • Rural electrification applications
  • Grid, off-grid commercial / industrial rooftop
  • Solar street lighting
  • Other solar power stations

Solar Inverters

Goodrive300-SP is the inverter specially developed and designed to meet the applications and control requirements of ring spinning frame industry and it can be used widely in the applications of ring spinning frame. Roving spinning, carding, drawing.


  • Spinning Special Functions
  • Fault protection
  • Motor Auto-tuning
  • Communication Function