hotline : +94 115 979 979

hotline : +94 115 979 979

25 Years Guarantee

25 years power output warranty, 90% power output for 10 years, and 80% power output for 25 years.

5 years workmanship warranty.

High quality materials

ISO9001:2008 certified supplier, we provide world first class solar products for clients.

IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC , CQC , CGC , CE , approved.

Check from anywhere

We will provide you with a flexible internet monitoring solution which is suitable for  residential and commercial roof top device and PV power plants. System monitoring device is user friendly and reliable.

It can archive all weather data and automatically transmit data to our PV monitoring web-server via internet. You can login in to the monitoring web-server via from your personal computer or use smart phone app to check power plant information and performance.

Our remote monitoring team is continuously observing each system island wide on behalf of our customers and immediate actions will be given within 24Hours if necessary.

Self Cleaning Solar Panels

Normal untreated solar panels tend to attract water droplets and dust partcles on the panel surface, accumulating dust and other dirt over the time. Cleaning these dust from the solar panels is a tedious task and may cost money.

Our solar panels are treated with high tech nano coating to prevent water from accumulating on the surface. The solar panel surface repels water and the water removes the dust particles on the surface while draining from the surface, hence cleaning the solar panel naturally.

High absorption rate

Elim Lanka uses highly efficient solar panels with high absorption rate of up to 17%.


free electricity with long term income

zero initial investment

pay loan premium from generated electricity


20 years guaranteed income from ceb or leco


img_bulb switch to good energy

Switch to solar energy and get a life time supply of electricity free


Free solar energy throughout the year.


Convert free solar energy in to green usable energy  


Superior customer support



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Our Vision

To provide blue sky and white clouds for future generation by promoting resources solutions and using high quality renewable energy solutions worldwide.

Our Mission

Advocate Green Life, Provide and construct eco-friendly renewable energy to protect the environment and available to all.